When to Replace Your Handbag: 8 Reasons to Upgrade You Must Know; Handbag Repair

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Is it time to upgrade? Have you been hauling around the same purse for longer than you can remember? You might not pay too much attention to it, but your handbag may not look as good as it once did. There’s a fine line between cleaning it and your bag being beyond repair. Here are 8 reasons it’s time to switch things up.

Inside Lining

The black abyss… A lost and found. Ladies, we all know how crazy the inside of our purses get, especially if we’ve had the same bag for awhile now. When we dump it out, we find long lost treasures that we thought we’d never see again. Not just that, we actually see how bad it really is. Is the lining ripped? Are any zippers broken? If so, it’s a small step over the line to the replacement side.


The straps are key! They can be an important part of your style. All of the tension of your five pound plus purse goes directly on the straps, causing it to crack or even snap completely. Depending on the break, you could get the strap fixed, but i’m sure you’ll know when it’s fixable or not.

Booty in Rough Shape?

Always check the booty! The bottom of your handbag by far get the most amount of activity, slowly wearing down the fabric and materials. Think of all the nasty places you’ve set down your purse. Like the bathroom floor for example! I’m sure the bottom of your bag will have a few scratches and scuffs, but if it’s starting to show some holes or has some deep scratches, it’s time for a replacement.

Does your sack smell?

Have you given your bag a sniff recently? Like an up-close, inside and out, big whiff? All that fabric and material is constantly soaking up smells around it and cigarette smoke is the worst! Maybe you have noticed the smell and maybe you have tried to rid of the awful stench with different remedies, but it just won’t work. I know it’s hard to let go, but honey… it’s time to let go.

Too Dirty?

Did you get it? Smelly Sack! Haha too dirty? ;D Seriously though, is your purse dirty? It’s obviously dirty, but is it too dirty? It is easy to Clean Your Handbag but if you have a bunch of crumbs, dirt, and dust all clumped up and glued in the corner of the inside liners, it may be hard to remove. Especially if you have gum stuck on the liner or heavy stains, then forget about cleaning. Get your shopping shoes on.

Different Size

More responsibility comes with more stuff and it gets to a point where all that “stuff” won’t fit as nicely in your purse as you want it to. Or the situation could be downsizing to a smaller handbag to only carry what you absolutely need. Size does matter! It just depends on what you’re packing.

New Season, Another Reason

Spring is almost here! And if you’re like me, it’s time for a new bag. New seasons come with new styles, new trends, and new clothes. That means it’s time for a new handbag.

I Just Want One!

There is no guilt and no shame. When I want a new bag, I get me one! It doesn’t help with my problem of hoarding away all my bags in my closet, but I like to think of it as a hobby 😉 Sometimes we just cannot resist temptation and have to get that new bag. I say, “Don’t Judge! It makes me feel good!” Haha

The handbag has always been a popular and Trendy Accessory throughout history. My handbag is my P.I.C (Partner In Crime) and it pays off to take care of it. It saves me money and the embarrassment of a bad looking bag. However, they will always get to a point of no return and will eventually have to be replaced. That is why it is good to keep check on the condition of your purse to know when it is that time.

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